Secrets to Our Success


Secrets Resulting in Northfield Academy’s Success


  1. We maintain a very small teacher/pupil ratio so students can get much needed individualized attention.  We try to keep our student enrollment between 75-100.  From this small group/individual attention, students will progress at a much faster pace.

  2. Our parents/guardians trust us, and we trust our parents/guardians!  Both parties are eager to do whatever is necessary to get the student to a successful graduation.  We work very closely together and communicate in all areas, not just in complaints.  Parents/guardians are a very important part of this school, and they feel it.


  3.  We treat students as adults and expect them to act accordingly!  We don’t sweat the small stuff.  We push for students to develop sound employment soft skills in work ethics, dress, attitude, and attendance.  From these, they are ready to become a valuable employee after graduation if that is what is chosen.


  4. We make sure all students frequently feel successful in their academic areas.  We will do whatever it takes to help them succeed.  We are there to lend helping hands, encourage, and teach constantly.  We do not just hand out diplomas.


  5. Students must want to come to Northfield Academy.  This is a school of choice for the student and for the school.  If a student is not excited about coming to Northfield Academy, he/she is not asked.  We only have students that want to be here.


  6. Students learn to believe in themselves at Northfield Academy.  They begin to dream, to see that goals are possible, and to make plans for the future.  It is a beautiful thing to see the transformation!


  7. The community is totally behind this school.  We have volunteers, financial supporters, and encouragers from local businesses, manufacturing companies, churches, individuals, and community members.  They believe in this school.  We believe in this school, and the students believe in this school.  It is a happy, quiet, and peaceful place.  Students feel safe and loved.  Our students develop very close bonds with each other.