Our 7 Keys



KEY FIVE:  All students scoring at or above ACT COLLEGE READINESS BENCHMARKS

  1. The school will encourage all students to take the ACT and/or also retake it during the senior year.


  2. The school will offer additional tutoring and ACT PREP for any student wishing to take or retake ACT.

“We have a gentleman that is a retired teacher of ACT PREP that has volunteered to come to Northfield and conduct an ACT PREP classes for free.”


KEY SIX:  All students FINANCIALLY LITERATE by graduation

  1. All students will have successfully completed the required Personal Finance class required by our school system


  2. We are planning some financial simulations that will provide students a better understanding of banking, creating a budget, saving, and credit.  Local bank representatives will be invited to come and speak to students pertaining to financial literacy.


KEY SEVEN:  All students participating in AP, Dual Enrollment, Industry Certification, Work-Based Learning, or Military

              Preparation by graduation.

  1. We pride ourselves in helping students to develop realistic plans for after graduation.  We have close contact with our area TCAT classes that are located within the same building as Northfield Academy.  We encourage dual enrollment.  It is an easy transition to move from our daily classes to the TCAT daily classes.  At present, we have classes offered in automotive repair, industrial maintenance, industrial machining, and phlebotomy, After graduation, students may choose to continue in the Practical Nursing program located on the second floor just above our school area.


  2. We encourage those who want to attend college to do so, and we help them with the TNPromise and FASFA applications.  Several of our students attend Columbia State.  We also have a Martin Methodist College satellite in our building that is eager to have students continue studies with them.


  3. Some of our students choose the military after graduation.  We take pride in their decisions.


  4. Because Northfield Academy is located within the heart of Spring Hill manufacturing, we have a close relationship with several of the local manufacturing companies.  Several of our students choose to go to work full-time with these. 


  5. We follow up with our alumni to find out what paths they are choosing.  Because our school is such a family, we generally have 2-6 alumni visit weekly.  Sometimes they need something, but most of the time it is just to visit.  We will always be family for all of our students.  You will find many pictures of present and past students on our Facebook page.