Entrance Information


Steps in Becoming a Northfield Academy Star

Maury County students that are at least 17 years of age by mid-September are eligible to apply. There are some rare exceptions to the age factor. Special circumstances must be verifiable by administration. The formal grade level in school is not a factor as long as the student is significantly behind in high school credits or is 1-2 years older than other students in that grade level due to elementary and/or middle school detainment. Other possibilities include out-of-county transfers that will not retain past work due to moving within a semester. Discuss situations with your guidance counselor. If he/she sees the need, a call will be made to Northfield Academy inquiring about possible entrance. 

Entrance Steps:

  1. Visit your school’s guidance counselor and discuss the reason why you wish to become a student at Northfield Academy.  If the guidance counselor agrees there is sufficient reason for you to transfer to NFA, then you will,


  2. Be asked to complete and submit an application.


  3. When the application is completed, submit it back to the guidance counselor and ask him/her to send it with a recent copy of your transcript to Northfield Academy.


  4. An evaluation of the application and transcript will be completed.  If sufficient need is indicated, Northfield Academy will contact either the guidance counselor or the student to schedule an interview. 


  5. The NFA administration will notify both the guidance counselor and the student the final decision.  If the decision is yes but there is no room available at that time, the student will be placed on a waiting list.  New students are added as present students complete all work for graduation.  Most students are added at the beginning of quarters.


  6. Please do not try to bypass the home guidance counselor.

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Characteristics of A Good Northfield Academy Candidate

  1. Being older than the other students at grade level or being behind in getting enough credits to graduate by the following May.


  2. Good attendance.  You will not survive anywhere if you are not willing to give good attendance.  Northfield Academy will be flexible with your hours, but you must be able to give enough time and attendance to graduate by the following May if that is the time you should be graduating.


  3. Good work attitude and proper respect to staff, fellow students, and other people within the building.  You must work at Northfield Academy.  It is not simply given to you.


  4. A determination to complete all work needed for graduation.  You are not a quitter when the going gets rough.


  5. The desire to come to Northfield Academy.  A few times parents or the present school want the student at NFA more than the student wants to be here.  It will not work if this is the case.  I ask each prospective student during the interview if he/she wants to come.  If I get a “no”, “I guess”, or hesitation, I will not extend the invitation.


  6. We are not staffed with a special educational teacher.  Therefore, we cannot accept students with IEPs.

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